Technichron Art

Technichron Art




Technichron is an artist / designer from North East USA. They specialize in typography and digital art but often use tools to make 3d rendered art. The original site they designed was not adequate enough as a form of artist representation, and wasn’t accessible or quick to load up.

I sought to resolve these issues for them and reimplement the site using newer web rendering technologies, which allows for a wider range of possible ideas and a smaller build size. Vite was used as the build tool and glTF-pipeline was used on 3d rendered models to compress the site further. The site was also made responsive and mobile friendly, implementing optimisations that helped mobile devices load the site faster and render the visualisation quicker.

Overall Technichron was very happy with the outcome and ultimately decided to utilise the site on their domain and in their social media biographies. The site is currently live on

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