Portfolio Site v1 (davitg.com)

Portfolio Site v1 (davitg.com)




Back in 2022 I was looking for a way to showcase my programming and music projects in a way that was more interesting than a simple list of links. I decided to create a website that would differ from regular portfolio websites while still allowing my skills to shine through, and so I created davitg.com.

I created a very interesting looking skills page which featured a network of tools and frameworks I have used over the years to complete specific projects. The page was created using D3, and the network was generated using a force directed graph algorithm. The page was also made responsive and mobile friendly.

In hindsight, a higher prioritisation should have been put on project highlights instead of skills in the design of the website. This also isn’t the best representation of my skills as a designer.

The website you are currently looking at is a vast improvement over this version, and I hope that is evident here.

@ Davit Gogiberidze 2023