davz.com is a way of documenting all my musical releases of my DavZ musical alias. The website features a background of stars and planets in React Three Fiber with custom shaders inspired by Sebastian Lague’s video on planet generation. Different 3D scenes and camera layouts are seen when switching between pages, and the music page features a grid of all my works on a single page.

The site came together across January - February in 2022, and deployed to Firebase free hosting, with Cloudflare page caching configured for my domain. Since 2023, the site has been migrated to Cloudflare Pages.

At a certain point I experimented with taking the background rendering of the site and moving it into an iFrame so I could load other visualisations for specific pages and tracks. This overall added to the build size and load times, but contributes to the seamless fades between scenes. Down the line, I plan to remove the iFrame, reintroduce the planets back into the build of the site and set up more effective code splitting to not download unnecessary scenes.

@ Davit Gogiberidze 2023